Grimes Asks Fans To Help Pick Her ‘Book 1’ Album Cover From A Pair Of Outlandish Options

Last month, Grimes officially kicked off her new era of music following her 2020 album Miss_Anthropocene with the wistful track “Player Of Games.” Though she hasn’t confirmed the song’s subject matter, it definitely seemed like her version of a breakup track after splitting things off with her ex (and father of her child) Elon Musk. The song arrived as the first preview of her upcoming album Book 1. While she has yet to share a release date for the LP, the singer has asked her fans advice on an important aspect of the album.

On Twitter, the singer shared two possible images she wants to use for her Book 1 album artwork. The first image shows her as half-android with her clothes ripped in a way that shows off her then-pregnant belly. The second is a more close-up image that puts her against a starry backdrop with open books and snake-like creatures at her back. “I can’t tell which of these is my album cover,” she wrote. “all thots welcome.”

Ahead of sharing her possible Book 1 album artwork, Grimes announced to fans that she aims to pivot away from music as her “day job” after releasing Book 1, although she clarified that her goal isn’t to quite music forever. “Celebrity culture is suffocating a f,” she wrote on Twitter. “I’m not quitting music, but def changing my main day job after BOOK 1. Music industry feels old and tired, reliant on archaic systems.”

Check out Grimes’ Book 1 cover art options above.