Haim Join Together In An At-Home Tiny Desk Concert To Showcase Their Breezy New Music

While it’s been difficult for musicians to adapt to a virtual platform in light of the pandemic, the Haim sisters have a routine down. The trio has honed their livestream skills through many virtual performances and at-home late-night television appearances. Armed with three cameras, each sister sets up an array of instruments spread across couches and coffee tables. The result is a cohesive and captivating performance that further cements Haim’s undeniable chemistry.

Haim opted for the same set up on their At-Home Tiny Desk concert. Ordinarily filmed at NPR Music’s office in D.C., the now-virtual performances allow more room for artists to experiment. Rather than opt for an acoustic performance as many At-Home Tiny Desk musicians have done before them, Haim was able to reproduce a full sonic range through a variety of instruments. Each armed with a guitar, keyboard, and percussive elements Haim showcased a few of their jaunty singles from the upcoming record, Women In Music Pt. III.

For the three-song set, Haim opened with the soft rock number “The Steps,” with Danielle and Alana harmonizing their soaring vocals. Next, the sisters moved into their reflective number “I Know Alone” before finishing off with a breezy rendition of their album’s lead single, “Summer Girl.”

Watch Haim perform on NPR’s Tiny Desk above.

Women In Music Pt. III is out 6/26 via Sony. Pre-order it here.