Machine Gun Kelly And Trippie Redd Announced Their ‘Genre:Sadboy’ Project With A Very Sad Song Snippet

Keeping up with Machine Gun Kelly’s announcements is a full-time job. Or is it only “mgk” now? He may or may not have changed his stage name earlier this month. In February, MGK revealed an all-black, nearly full-torso tattoo. And that’s without even mentioning his on-again, off-again relationship with Megan Fox. But in January, MGK wrote something on X (formerly Twitter) that unintentionally (or maybe intentionally) correlates with his latest announcement: “Ultimately, I’m sad at how people perceive me in general.”

On Wednesday, March 20, MGK and Trippie Redd announced Genre:Sadboy, “a project by us.” It will arrive next Friday, March 29.

The punk-rap artists (and fellow Ohioans) jointly introduced the project with a black-and-white Instagram video showing them vibing in the studio to one of their unreleased songs, and it’s particularly sad — even by Genre:Sadboy standards.

“I recorded two tonight,” MGK sings. “One is for all those I love, this one’s for the suicide / Everything is blue inside / Everyone ain’t you and I / People won’t say how they feel about you until you die.”

Genre:Sadboy also has its own Instagram page, which could mean that MGK and Trippie’s collaborative partnership will extend beyond what drops on March 29. This afternoon, March 21, MGK and Trippie Redd premiered a YouTube documentary about the project this afternoon, giving deeper insight into the process behind it and what can be expected from it.

As long as we’re drawing parallels between MGK’s recent online behavior and Genre:Sadboy, we may as well do the same for Trippie Redd. In late January, he went on Instagram Live to (yet again) shut down rumors that he worships the devil.

“I’m just a weirdo, bro,” Trippie said, in part. “I like to get tats on my face! I like to wear all black! I like to look goth! Feel me? Sh*t’s a lifestyle. Maybe I’m depressed. Maybe I like to be the gloomy one in the room. I’m from Ohio. It’s always gloomy there. Y’all don’t get it. I’m a real sadboi. I’m a real loner. Maybe I hide it with my personality and sh*t, but so what? I’m human.”

MGK last released Mainstream Sellout in 2022, while Trippie dropped Mansion Musik, A Love Letter To You 5, and Saint Michael throughout 2023.