Morgan Wallen Fans Bought Billboards Asking For His Racial Slur To Be Forgiven By The Music Industry

It’s been a few months since a video was released of Morgan Wallen using a racial slur around his friends. Following the controversy, the singer was briefly removed from radio airplay and disqualified from the receiving the top CMA Awards. But there are still a number of fans who have been fervent supporters throughout his racial slur controversy, and they want to be heard.

A group of fans got together to purchase seven massive billboards across Nashville. The signs protest Wallen’s disqualification from the CMT Awards, which air Wednesday night, and beg for his forgiveness by mentioning the Bible verse Mark 11:25. They feature an image of Wallen’s recognizable mullet with text reading, “The fans speaking, enough is enough,” and, “Music industry we want to be heard!”

Wallen was at first fairly vocal about the situation. Immediately following the video’s publication, the singer made a vague promise to “do better” and has said he won’t tour again this summer. But despite his promises, the singer reportedly ghosted the Nashville NAACP, who sought to educate Wallen on racial justice issues, after he set up a meeting with them. Before that, the singer made his first public appearance following the incident at Kid Rock’s Nashville bar, where he played several of his songs on stage.