Gifts For The Movie-Loving Lady In Your Life

12.07.18 7 months ago


We all wish sometimes that we could step into our favorite movies, like have Noah kiss us in the rain from The Notebook, or find a private paradise in Thailand like The Beach, or take bloody revenge on all who wronged us like in the true rom-com classic, Kill Bill. And that’s because movies are the ultimate fantasy escape — a couple of hours that carry us off into some of our happiest places.

So this Christmas why not treat your partner to a present inspired by that movie she watches over and over again. It shows that you know her favorite movie (a good sign) but also, that you’re willing to get creative with presents and, therefore, in life. Does the Christmas present you get indicate how the course of your entire relationship will go and that’s how much pressure is on this gift and if you don’t nail this she’ll break up with you forever?

Yuppppp. So choose wisely.

If her favorite movie is Crazy Rich Asians

Sak 5th Avenue

…get her this whimsical Jimmy Choo clutch.

Price: $1295

If the biggest and splashiest “fantasy splurge” rom-com of the year (and maybe decade?) has her daydreaming that you’re going to reveal you’re the richest man in Asia, you might want to up your game this holiday season. Because while you’re absolutely going to disappoint her on the “secretly insanely wealthy” front, you can at least give her the feeling of being part of the 1% when she carries around this clutch (which she would never buy for herself!).

All of the fashion in Crazy Rich Asians is pretty spectacular but young designer Neil Felipp’s ornate minaudières were a particular highlight. And while most of us probably can’t afford him/aren’t famous enough to carry one of his pieces, you can score a similar touch of whimsy with this Jimmy Choo bag.

Buy it here.

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