Gifts For The Movie-Loving Lady In Your Life


We all wish sometimes that we could step into our favorite movies, like have Noah kiss us in the rain from The Notebook, or find a private paradise in Thailand like The Beach, or take bloody revenge on all who wronged us like in the true rom-com classic, Kill Bill. And that’s because movies are the ultimate fantasy escape — a couple of hours that carry us off into some of our happiest places.

So this Christmas why not treat your partner to a present inspired by that movie she watches over and over again. It shows that you know her favorite movie (a good sign) but also, that you’re willing to get creative with presents and, therefore, in life. Does the Christmas present you get indicate how the course of your entire relationship will go and that’s how much pressure is on this gift and if you don’t nail this she’ll break up with you forever?

Yuppppp. So choose wisely.

If her favorite movie is Crazy Rich Asians

Sak 5th Avenue

…get her this whimsical Jimmy Choo clutch.

Price: $1295

If the biggest and splashiest “fantasy splurge” rom-com of the year (and maybe decade?) has her daydreaming that you’re going to reveal you’re the richest man in Asia, you might want to up your game this holiday season. Because while you’re absolutely going to disappoint her on the “secretly insanely wealthy” front, you can at least give her the feeling of being part of the 1% when she carries around this clutch (which she would never buy for herself!).

All of the fashion in Crazy Rich Asians is pretty spectacular but young designer Neil Felipp’s ornate minaudières were a particular highlight. And while most of us probably can’t afford him/aren’t famous enough to carry one of his pieces, you can score a similar touch of whimsy with this Jimmy Choo bag.

Buy it here.

If her favorite movie is Almost Famous


…get her this vintage-feeling record player.

Price: $79.99

Surprise the hippie girlfriend who was born nostalgic for a time she never lived in, with this modern record player (it’s also set up for your favorite Bluetooth devices) and let her feel like she’s living on a bus that’s both simultaneously parked on a beach and also headed toward Woodstock. Times were better back then, she says in a dreamy voice while making flower crowns, free love, and rainbows and….

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If her favorite movie is Shaun of the Dead/28 Days Later/Anna and the Apocalypse


…get her this zombie magnetic poetry set.

Price: $12.95

If your lady loves a good romp with the undead*, this zombie magnetic poetry set is a super fun stocking stuffer. With words like soulless, eviscerate, grotesque, bloody, and hunger for flesh, you can truly create some bleak sentences on your fridge. Now, when people come to your house, they’ll do a double take and feel afraid, but at the same time, respect her for her commitment to the terrifying apocalypse life.

Respect/fear her — that’s all any modern woman wants. WE PROMISE.

*If you’ve read my writing you know that I own this already, clearly.

But it here.

If her favorite movie is Get Out


…get her this cute Anthro tea cup set.

Price: $35

Get Out was one of the best horror films of the last decade, and to celebrate that your woman has excellent movie taste, you can get her a little taste of the film by purchasing this adorable teacup and saucer set from Anthropologie. This is an especially good present if this Christmas will be the first time you’re meeting her family. They probably won’t try to take out your brain, but, like, this is a good way to let her know that you are prepared for that possibility.

Plus, it’s good for her hypnotism practice. You have to put in your ten thousand hours if you want to be good at surprise hypnotism (as Malcolm Gladwell always says).

Buy it here.

If her favorite movie is Bridesmaids


….get her this fondue set for chocolate covered strawberries.

Price: $39.95

Is Bridesmaids the one movie she’ll never turn off when it comes on TV? Then give her that little piece of Maya Rudolph’s Paris-themed shower with this chocolate fondue set. Bonus points for this being small enough that if she needs to throw it in anger while screaming, it will be much easier than an actual full-sized stone fountain.

Or, alternatively, you can get her a gift certificate to some sort of sketchy Brazillian Steakhouse, but, that feels like a movie parallel that, for this particular film, is decidedly….less romantic?

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If her favorite movie is The Royal Tenenbaums

Urban Outfitters

….get her this red, Adidas tracksuit.

Price: $75

Want your main squeeze to feel like she’s a quirky, lovable part of the Wes Anderson universe? Then this red tracksuit will totally do the trick. Hey, it’s also pretty festive. She can wear it every day for the rest of the holiday season! Of course, if she’s inclined to do that, you might want to get her a couple of pairs so she can sometimes wash them. Or not. We’re not the boss of you two and your weird filthy fetishes.

Buy it here.

If her favorite movie is Step Brothers


….get her this drum set to guard.

Price: $259.99

It’s time to get your partner the drum set of her dreams! Sure, she doesn’t play drums, but she still totally needs it so that she can come home and burst through the door and say things like,

“I’m warning you, right now! If you touch my drums, I will stab you, in the neck, with a knife!”

This is what true, passionate love looks like — it’s a beautiful love language (Personally, I say this often, just replace the word “drums” with “Pad See Ewe leftovers”). Relationships are all about viciously defending your territory. Any couples counselor will tell you that. ANY OF THEM.

Buy it here.

If her favorite movie is Mean Girls


…take her to New York to see it on Broadway.

Price: Tickets starting at about $100

This musical has everything, her favorite movie, Tina Fey, the word ‘Fetch’! If she loves Mean Girls, this is the holiday to surprise her with a weekend in the Big Apple seeing the hit adaptation. Or, if you live in the area, you can just take her on a random Wednesday, but remember, you’ll have to wear pink.

Buy tickets here.

If her favorite movie is Dirty Dancing

Barnes and Noble

…get her this book to recreate her favorite scenes in the bedroom.

Price: $11.69

This movie-themed kama sutra book takes all of her favorite romantic scenes from her favorite movies and shows how you can recreate them but with sexy stuff. And it is, to be clear, very dirty. Certainly dirtier than the original Dirty Dancing. Let’s just say that the lift in the final scene involves not only a lot of coordination of your arms but now your tongue. It won’t be easy to nail that one, but the practice is half the fun?
Buy it here.

If her favorite movie is Lady Bird

Dave Matthews Band

…get her this tee to remind her of her high school’s 2004 homecoming theme.

Price: $35.00

Did she angst her way through high school in the early to mid-2000s? Then DMB was probably there as the background to some of her more emotional highs and lows (and was also probably on a mix CD that played in someone’s basement the first time she smoked pot). Bring her back to those early days by getting her a band tee that also hits on one of the loveliest scenes in Lady Bird (If you’ve never listened to songs in your parents’ car at 16 while sobbing about a boy with your best friend, you’ve never lived).

Side note: The amount of merch DMB has on the website is truly impressive. Really, you could buy all your relatives something. Will Grandma be confused by the Dave Matthews Band sweatpants you got her? Maybe. But it’s still worth it and you needed to hit the free shipping threshold.

Buy it here.