An Abandoned Mine Explorer Documented Sounds In An Old Gold Mine That Are Creepy As Hell

The YouTube channel Exploring Abandoned Mines is exactly what it promises: a cameraman takes visual tours of old mines, for the purpose of “documentation, preservation, and exploration of abandoned mines everywhere.” One might surmise that exploring abandoned mines isn’t the type of endeavor for the faint of heart to begin with, yet the cameraman still seemed in no way prepared for what was captured in the above video exploration of the Waldeck Mine, a 150-year-old gold mine in Western Australia.

At about 12:20 into the video, the camera’s audio picks up what the cameraman describes as “disturbing, strange sounds.” At first he wonders aloud if it’s the wind he hears, but it becomes quickly apparent that it is most definitely not the frigging wind. What transpires next is some sort of creepy whispering sounds, as the cameraman says, “Oh, I don’t know what that is but it doesn’t sound like the wind. That’s crazy.” He continues, “I’ve heard some weird stuff in mines, but that is definitely creepy. I don’t know what that is.” He then makes the very wise decision to haul ass out of there.

Some are speculating that the whole thing might be a viral marketing stunt, as the video doubles as a product review for the flashlight camera the guy is using. It all boils down to your personal gullibility level — and being that mine is staggeringly high, I know I was pretty freaked out watching it.

On that note, someone else on YouTube isolated the audio for that portion of the video to run it through filters and bring out the supposed EVP, and the result is no less creepy.

(Via Reddit)