Alton Brown Teamed Up With Umami Burger To Create The Perfect Breakfast Sandwich

Umami Burger loves savory flavor explosions (hey, that’s where it gets it’s name!), and Alton Brown loves breakfast. Put the two together, and they’re a food coma-inducing match made in heaven.

As part of Umami Burger’s Artist Series, Brown teamed up with the burger chain to create the breakfast-inspired Alton Burger. And what an umami wallop it packs: composed of a beef patty “spiked with bacon lardons,” cheddar cheese, smashed cheesy tots, miso-maple bacon, a fried egg, and coffee-ketchup, all sandwiched between two toasted patties, Brown calls the creation “a complex gestalt of textures and flavors” (because he’s refined, you see). The finishing touch is a knife speared through the heart of the fried egg to break the runny yolk over the burger.

How does the burger taste? According to People, in addition to being nap-inducing, “it’s more than just decadent — it’s complex.”

The good news is that you don’t have to take People’s word on it — the Alton Burger is currently available at all Umami Burgers between now and April 24. As an added bonus, $1 of every sale of the Alton Burger will be donated to the Make-a-Wish Foundation. Just make sure you order a coffee with that breakfast burger, particularly if you intend on operating any heavy machinery. You’re probably going to need it.