Meet The Adventure Photographer Who Doubles As An Expedition Doctor

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Andrew Peacock could be called a Renaissance man or Jack-of-all-trades, because he is incredibly proficient. But, these idioms don’t even begin to capture how freaking cool the man’s skill set is. He is not only an expedition doctor — meaning he accompanies travelers on adventures in order to keep them healthy — but also an award-winning photographer. And, as if that isn’t enough, he is a rock climber and outdoor athlete. It’s a recipe for bad assery and a life well-lived.

Peacock’s images draw from the staples of classic travel photography, but their sweeping beauty makes them feel a touch surreal. Viewers wonder: Can the sea possibly be that blue? Do glaciers really look like that? The thirst for adventure that undergirds these photos is palpable, leaving you full of wonder and excitement. These are the kinds of photographs that make you want to buy a camera, book a trip, and give in to the thumping wanderlust that pulses through your veins.

As summer gives way to fall, Peacock was kind enough to sit down with us and answer questions about his dual career, balancing his passions, and what curious peeps can do to begin taking adventure photos. Read through his answers, check out some of the most gorgeous travel images you have ever seen, and start following the photographers he recommends. If he says they’re good, you can rest assured they’re some of the best in the business.

What titles do you think best captures the work you do? You do so much: adventure, lifestyle, landscape, etc.

I think of myself as an adventure travel photographer, as distinct from adventure sports which is another world altogether, even though I’ve dabbled in adventure sport mostly climbing myself. You won’t see pictures of nicely styled food on a table from me, as you might from someone shooting editorial travel work, for instance. I’m interested in authentic images of genuine travel experiences that I’m lucky enough to have in more remote and adventurous parts of the world, often in my role as an expedition doctor.

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