The New College Course On Anthony Bourdain Will Make Any Grad Envious


Few things make returning to college sound worthwhile — mostly because of crushing student debt — but, we suppose we’re going to have to re-think that stance, because Nicholls State University in Thibodaux, Louisiana, is offering a class on Anthony Bourdain this Spring, and who wouldn’t be all over that?

Todd Kennedy, who holds a Ph.D. in 20th century American-literature and film, and has been teaching at the university for six years, will serve as the professor for the course titled ‘English 465: Anthony Bourdain and His Influencers.’ Kennedy promises students will explore Bourdain’s work along with the writings and films that influenced him, attempting to examine the world around us through the unique lens of Bourdain. Sounds fresh, right?

Kennedy, who heads the film department, pitched the class to the department chair to almost “immediate approval,” and it’s no wonder, as Anthony Bourdain has always seemed like a cultural icon that was wise — not just beyond his years, but because of how he lived with such vitality — and deserving of study. In an interview with USA TODAY the professor explained, “I thought about how original he was putting together literature, film, travel and food. In my profession, we look to see how these things come together in culture. I thought it would be a good idea for a class.”

For film studies students and some English majors, the course will count as credit, otherwise, it’ll be a taken as a straight elective for any other interested students. The class can expect to examine novels like Jim Harrison’s Legends of the Fall and Graham Greene’s The Quiet American, and take a critical look at the films Apocalypse Now, and Aguirre, the Wrath of God. As fun as the class is in concept, it sounds like it’ll be some real serious stuff — perfectly deserving of the man it’s centered around.

Although we are indeed envious, this news must really sting past students, here are some reactions from alumnum upon hearing the news: