This Arizona State Alpha Phi Sorority Recruitment Video Is The Most Ridiculous Thing You Have Ever Seen

We all know that sorority recruitment videos have basically always been an endless well of unintentional comedy, with girls constantly trying to find creative ways to praise the benefits of sisterhood and friendship and blah blah blah. Having said that, I’m not sure what to make of this recruitment video for Arizona State University’s Alpha Phi Sorority, but uh… it’s really something, that’s for sure.

Somehow, the typical message of unity gets lost in what appears to be a splashy music video, featuring young, primarily blonde white women participating in the usual sorority activities such as riding in a hot air balloon, longboarding down a scenic waterfront road somewhere, off-roading in a Barbie-pink jeep, hiking up and then doing yoga poses atop an idyllic mountain, and then — wait a second — now all of a sudden they’re in a frigging helicopter flying over the Grand Canyon??? Which girl’s rich dad is paying for all this?

Either way, the overall message here is pretty effective. I’m in my 30s and I don’t nor have I ever attended Arizona State University, but I think that I would like to join the Alpha Phi Sorority now, please and thank you.

(Via Teen Vogue)