A Photographer On The Rise Explains Going Analog In A Digital World

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01.24.18 3 Comments

Atessa Farman

Some of the photographers we interview (and we interview a lot) grow up with photographer parents and are seemingly born to take festival photos or capture the Canadian wilderness. But there are also a fair few who have a singular transformative moment — something that changes their lives, ushering in an all-consuming photography passion. Atessa Farman falls into the second category.

Farman is a student at the University of California, Santa Cruz, where she started as a psychology major. When she entered school, she always had a camera with her — because she was attracted to the aesthetically pleasing and wanted to be able to freeze it in time. After a trip abroad her sophomore year, she finally took a photography class and her pastime became her calling. She changed majors and set to work.

As Farman started to take image-making more seriously, she also took a leap that many people in the Instagram set wouldn’t dare to take: She went pure analog. Instead of allowing herself endless images on a memory card, she relied on her eye and technique to get things right the first time. She even started an online film photography collective called Sydney to Santa Cruz — a space where photographers come together to share their love of working with film.

This week, the blossoming image-maker found time among travel, photography, working on Sydney to Santa Cruz, and school to answer our questions about analog photography. Read on and learn about the gear she uses, her passion for film, and why she primarily photographs women.

Atessa Farman

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