This Photographer Goes Against The Grain, Snapping Pics Of The Unexpected

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Baldemar Fierro

Baldemar Fierro has a cinematic view of life. It makes his photos feel as if they were pulled straight from an art film. Each subject is a character. Each object a purposeful prop. Each landscape a set. Together, they share a story with the viewer — while enabling us to find peace and solace away from the noise of the crowded world. No wonder people are so drawn to the star photographer’s work.

Part of what sets Fierro’s photography apart is his refusal to fall victim to the tropes of social media influencing. He’s not looking to recreate the same subjects and locations that audiences have come to expect. You won’t glimpse images that feel generic in his portfolio — no waterfalls, or deserted islands, or butts in bikinis. He has a drive to be genuine and only take pictures that contain some part of himself.

“I try to make everything as authentic as possible,” Fierro says. “I explore the world and see things that move me. It’s not pre-planned. It’s part of me and what I’m seeing. Nothing is preconceived.”

This has been the artist’s mantra since, fresh out of high school, he grabbed a few disposable cameras and started documenting his buddies and the landscapes of Northern California. Of course, it took some time for him to transition from a young man waiting for his film to be developed so he could mail pics to his buds into a well-regarded artist — whose work sells for thousands at festivals. A shift occurred when a friend gifted him her mother’s photographic equipment for his birthday, and Fierro began shooting everything he saw while hiking and camping.

He soon found that photography became a catalyst to continue venturing into the great big wild world.

Baldemar Fierro

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