A Collection Of The Best Bartenders To Follow On Instagram


For years, the biggest celebrities in the food and drinks world were the ones with the knives. We know all about celebrity chefs like Emeril Lagasse, Bobby Flay, Anthony Bourdain, and Gordon Ramsay. The Food Network, Cooking Channel, and shows like Hell’s Kitchen and Parts Unknown wouldn’t even exist without these household names. But, in recent years, another area of hospitality has begun to reach celebrity status. The humble bartender who for years stood behind the bar at your local watering hole and made your G & T and poured your beer with a smile, is the celebrity chef for the digital age.

The era of Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter just happened to begin around the same time as the cocktail bars began popping up all over the country. With that came celebrity bartenders like Pam Wiznitzer, Christy Pope, Jeffrey Morgenthaler, and Jim Meehan — as well as a treasure trove of Instagram bartenders constantly creating amazing, breathtaking, beautiful cocktails and showcasing them for the world to gawk at.

We scoured the internet to find the best, most swoon-worthy mixologists on Instagram:

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Spiritfree: a Manifesto | I am actively championing for nonalcoholic cocktails to become a part of more beverage programs. In this pursuit, I am also hoping that we can all move away from the somewhat negative term “mocktail.” Now is the time for us to change the way we talk about nonalcoholic cocktails. Linguistic traits have a way of influencing our thoughts and actions whether we realize it or not. There is power in a name, along with hidden history, association, and purpose. Why not harness this power, and create a word that captures the essence of this particular category of drinks? I have written a manifesto of resolve to, as a united front, move away from the term “mocktail,” to a new word. It is not the straightforward “nonalcoholic cocktail,” nor is it the more technical “zero-proof." This word stands alone; there are no trailing nouns, no hyphens, and no spaces, it is this: spiritfree. . Please find a link to the manifesto in my profile. It would me a lot if you would read it, and perhaps, join me? Let’s make a difference. . Pictured here: Wholesome, a spiritfree of botanicals and tonic, served as a pairing at Oriole. . . . 📷: @sammyfaze . . . #spiritfree #alcoholfree #nonalcoholic #notmocking #notamockery #notamockup #watchyourlanguage #cocktail #bartender #manifesto #bartendersmanifesto #languagematters #nonalcoholiccocktail #momosecocktails #sammyfazephotography #スピリットフリー #アルコールフリー #バーテンダー

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One of the most well-known bartenders in Chicago (and beyond), Momose is the former head bartender at the Windy City’s GreenRiver and current creative director at Oriole Chicago. Food & Wine’s Best New Mixologists 2016’s Instagram account is full of beautifully photographed, expertly explained cocktails.

Bartender, writer, and world traveler, Young slings drinks behind the bar at Dante in New York City. His Instagram is full of beautiful, delicious cocktails, but he also takes mouth-watering food pictures and travel photos.

Bar manager at Harvard and Stone in Los Angeles, Aaron Polsky wears many hats. On top of his bartending duties, Polsky also owns Seedlip, the first non-alcoholic spirit on the market. His Instagram account documents his time behind the bar with an almost punk rock feel.

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Service with a smile 8-2am @jooey_deschanel in R&D

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Charles Joly is a global bartending champion, a spirits and cocktail educator, and the founder of Crafthouse Cocktails. On top of selling pre-bottled Palomas and Moscow Mules, Joly is a frequent poster on Instagram. Come for the cocktails, stay for the photos of his cute dog.

No list of Instagram bartenders is complete without Pam Wiznitzer, the president of the United States Bartenders Guild and bar manager at Seamstress in New York. Her Instagram is combination of cocktails, travel photos and Wiznitzer’s own wicked sense of humor.

Instagram is full of Food Porn. But, if alcohol is more your thing then look no further than Melisa Lapido. the Argentinian’s cocktail photos are expertly designed and photographed. They resemble works of art more than mixed drinks.

Tenzin Samdo is the bar director at the ArtScience Bar in Boston. The innovative Samdo is known for his attention to detail, mix of global flavors, and artistic eye. His Instagram is full of his imaginative, exciting, cocktails based on countless hours of research and development.

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Campari soda for breakfast?

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Author of The Bar Book and bar manager at Clyde Common and Pepe Le Moko in Portland, Oregon, Morgenthaler is one of the most well-known, most respected bartenders in the country. His Instagram is full of cocktails, food, and travel photos from the intrepid mixologist.

Migliarini’s Instagram account is titled BeautifulBooze for a reason. Her goal is showcase mixed drinks in the most artistic, beautiful way possible. Not only is each cocktail expertly designed, but it is staged and photographed to make it look more like it belongs in a museum than a bar.

Meehan might be the most famous bartender currently working. That’s why it’s no surprise he delights his forty-thousand followers with one-of-a-kind cocktail recipes and images as well as photos from his drink-mixing travels across the globe.