The Best Apps For Making A Budget Right Now

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best budgeting apps right now


Making a budget is one of the most basic tasks of all adulthood. And one of the toughest. Before technology streamlined the process, people could spend entire afternoons balancing their checkbooks. Wallets were stuffed full of receipts. You had to mail in your credit card bills. Literally, no one misses that era.

Thankfully, there are now scores of apps out there to help you settle your accounts before they settle you. The overall theme is the same but they all have very different styles and approaches. To help you build a budget that fits your personality, we’ve provided a list of the best apps around for a variety of different approaches to money.


Best For: People who need a comprehensive, quick solution.

The long-running budget website is probably one of the best tools out there. It’s simple: Log into the app, or the site, punch in your various passwords and access codes, from your student loans to your credit cards, and it puts those expenses all in one place. Next, set limits for what you want to spend in various categories, and you’re good to go. Mint is really, really good at getting your money together, debts and assets alike, and it’s worth using just for that angle.

Still, it lags a bit in its automated alerts, and you may find some weird costs popping up in places they don’t belong. But as balancing checkbooks go, that’s way better than, uh, actually balancing your checkbook.

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