Our Favorite Sex-Enhancing CBD And THC Products For Valentine’s Day

This weekend is Valentine’s Day! And this year, for the first time in a long time, society can’t pile tremendous pressure on you to make elaborate dinner plans at an overcrowded restaurant — leading to stress for you, your date, and the poor overworked employees trying to make you look good. Welcome to our first (and hopefully only!) pandemic-era Valentine’s Day!

In 2021, this greeting-card-created-but-also-too-thoroughly-established-to-ignore holiday will see you and your date hanging at/near the house. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Pour a glass of your date’s favorite vintage, turn off phones, light a joint, take a stroll through the neighborhood, and then have some intimate fun together. Because Valentine’s Day may be a sham, but the alchemical formula of effort and focused attention leading to cool sexual escapades is very real.

To help get you in the mood for this weekend, we’ve rounded up our favorite CBD and THC products specifically geared toward enhancing your sex life, this weekend and beyond. Even if you’re flying solo this year, the items on this list will relax you and add to your pleasure — two things we all deserve at the tail-end of this indeterminable pandemic. Enjoy!

Kiva Confections THC-Infused Love Sauce

Kiva Confections

Price: $5

Kiva Confections THC-infused Love Sauce admittedly has a pretty disgusting name… or an arousing name depending on what you’re into. Name aside, what we love about Kiva Confections is that unlike High On Love’s paintable body chocolate (see below), this body chocolate is THC-infused, which means it won’t just have you feeling good, it’s going to get you high.

Each serving of Love Sauce (so long as you’re following dose suggestions) sports 10MG of THC, so ditch the paintbrush, dip your fingers in, and start spreading it wherever your Valentine wants the extra attention. Unfortunately, this one is exclusive to the Southern California market — have a friend grab some and overnight it to you!

Playboy CBD Bath Bomb


Price: $15

What better way to get things started — or close things out — than with a relaxing CBD-infused bath? Playboy’s CBD Bath Bombs feature an aromatic blend of CBD and essential oils that will help you melt into a puddle of relaxation while you unwind in the tub.

Whether you’re sharing this experience with your Valentine, or enjoying it solo while you get ready for the weekend ahead, this bath bomb will have you feeling squeaky clean, your muscles relaxed, and your senses sharpened — all the elements required for good loving.

1906 LOVE Chocolate


Price: $32

For people outside of California who feel bummed about missing out on Kiva Confections body chocolate, 1906 is a well-respected brand, and their 1906 LOVE chocolate covered coffee beans, which feature 5mg of THC per bean are available in dispensaries across Colorado, Oklahoma, Illinois, and Massachusettes.

According to 1906’s website, LOVE is formulated for both a physical and psychological high, which should enhance your overall sexual experience. LOVE is also fast-acting, kicking in at 20 minutes — making it one of the fastest working edibles on the market right now.

High On Love Dark Chocolate Body Paint

High on Love

Price: $35

Made with premium-grade hemp seed oil, High On Love’s Chocolate Body Paint comes in a cute heart-shaped bottle equipped with a paintbrush to help you paint on your Valentine’s body. Real talk, this Brussels-inspired chocolate actually tastes pretty damn good on its own. We’re not suggesting you eat it straight from the bottle, but go nuts when it comes to painting the chocolate on your partner.

That’s a win-win for both of you.

Dosist Arouse Vape Pen


Price $36

Dosist makes THC vape pens specifically targeted to specific tasks, such as relaxation, bliss, or — our personal favorite — Arousal. Dosist’s Arousal pen features an 11:1 THC to CBD formula with a time-controlled drag feature that will automatically shut off the pen at three seconds (a complete dose) providing a head change that doesn’t get you lost in your own thoughts, but instead relaxes you, and sharpens the mind for a more creative bedroom performance.

If you need a little something more to get you going, Dosist also has an Arouse THC-plus, which is designed with a stronger formula to awaken the senses and get you laser-focused on stimulation.

Foria Quickie Kit


Price: $44

Whether you already love Foria’s sex-enhancing products or you’re just discovering the brand, Foria’s new Quickie Kit is easy and fun. The bundle includes a small sample of Foria’s arousal oil and lubricant, as well as two suppositories, which deliver 50mg of broad-spectrum CBD vaginally or rectally — increasing your arousal and easing any discomfort or tension you’re about to subject yourself to.

Playboy CBD Arousal Spray


Price: $45

Specifically designed for women, Playboy’s CBD Arousal Spray is formulated with 250 mg Broad-Spectrum CBD oil, Horny Goat Weed, and kava root for a warming spray designed to heighten the senses, whether you’re with a partner or all alone.

Playboy’s Arousal Spray is formulated for quick absorption and features a soothing vanilla scent.

Playboy CBD Intimacy Gel


Price: $47

If you’re looking for a CBD infused lube that feels silky and smooth, Playboy’s Intimacy Gel is a great pick. Not only do you still get that fast-absorbing blend of broad-spectrum CBD, kava root, and Horney Goat Weed, the Intimacy Gel also has maca root extract to kick your sex drive straight into overdrive.

It doesn’t have the same great smell as the Arousal Spray, but… I don’t know, light a candle or something — we’re not here to plan your entire date!

Foria Intimacy Botanical Vape Pen


Price: $78

Foria’s Intimacy CBD vape pen is specially formulated using a blend of organic botanicals and broad-spectrum CBD in order to instantly melt away anxiety, dust the cobwebs from your mind, and relieve any pain you might be feeling (or you know, preparing yourself to feel).

Foria’s Intimacy pen will relax muscles and ease tension, as well as increase blood flow to the places that count. The pleasing mix of peppermint and vanilla is also way more enjoyable than a more herbal-scented product.

This one is a bit on the pricey end, but the attention to detail and quality is worth it, plus replacement cartridges are a steal!

High On Love Objects Of Pleasure Gift Set

High On Love

Price: $125

High On Love has all sorts of CBD-heavy products worth your time and money, but we figured we’d close this list out with a big one. The brand’s Objects of Pleasure gift set features 30ml of High on Love’s stimulating O-gel, made with a blend of cannabis sativa oil and peppermint and designed to increase blood flow, boost libido, and supercharge your natural lubrication. They pair that with a seven setting, five-speed silicone vibrator, designed by Jopen.

If the vibrator proves too intimidating, High on Love also features an Object of Desire gift set which swaps out the Jopen vibrator with a palm massager and shaves $10 off the price. The stimulating O-Gel is also available separately. But those aren’t the gift we recommend — instead, just get over your hangups and go for the full gift set.

Looking for weed?

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