Ranking The Countries With The Best Beer Scenes, According To The Masses

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Beer is loved by a vast swath of humanity. From pole to pole and across continental and cultural divides, we drink a lot of those amber suds. Some countries are so known for their beers that you think of beer culture first when that place pops to mind — we’re looking at you the Czech Republic. That’s not to say beer-centric countries don’t possess other endearing qualities. It’s just that beer is great and we love it.

But which country has the best beer? What a loaded question. It’s one that the good people over at Ranker wanted a definitive answer to, so they asked the masses. Well, the people have voted. And, oh boy, there are some upsets on this list. The United States, the land of 5,000 breweries and a thousand times as many beer ‘critics’ didn’t even place in the top ten. Maybe it’s our unabashed obsession with IPAs that drowned us. It’s hard to say.

Let’s get into it.


Australia feels like a perfectly serviceable beer location to be in the number ten slot. Sure, they have the big macro adjunct lagers that dominate the mass-market — like most markets to be honest — but, Australia also has a deep beer drinking and pub culture that cherishes an ice cold mug of beer any time of the day.

There’s also a killer craft beer scene from Sydney to Perth to Darwin and back again. No one’s reinventing the wheel down under, but they’re certainly adept at making great beer.

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