The Best Hot Sauces To Spice Up Your Cabinet

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This article is updated from 2017.

What makes a hot sauce the best? Is it just about heat? Is it flavor? Ingredients? Hype? When does a hot sauce get played out? Did the world turn on Sriracha just because it went super mainstream, or did we all just spontaneously realize that there are better options out there?

These are the questions that vex even the wisest souls among us. Forget politics for a minute, let’s argue over who brings the best heat and flavor. Let’s talk about the nuances of habaneros vs. jalapenos and wrestle with “how many Scovilles are too many?” To spice up our debate, I asked our collective of sophisticated pros about their favorite hot sauces. Now we’re ready to deliver our claims about the Best Hot Sauces on Earth in 2018, just in time for your holiday gift buying.

Join in the comments below and argue the issue with your friends. This is the perfect water cooler conversation because you’ll need to be hanging at the water cooler to calm your scalded tongue.*

— Steve Bramucci, Managing Editor, Uproxx Life

*Not really, ya’ freaking amateur — everyone knows that milk cools you off quicker.

The Last Dab Reduxx

Look, this is created by the team at Complex’s First We Feast — a director competitor of Uproxx Life. So giving it love vexes me a little. But my god this stuff is good. It’s just the right amount of sweet on the front end and then… BLAM the heat comes.

My god what heat. Two hybrid, lab-created peppers — Pepper X and Chocolate Pepper X — add so much fire to this that a few drops will endanger your whole meal. But if you can handle it, this is a sauce that has all the fire without sacrificing taste. Plus you’ll sympathize with the celebs who go on The Hot Ones in a whole new way.

— Steve Bramucci

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