The Best Hot Springs In The World For You To Visit This Summer

06.29.18 12 months ago 3 Comments
best hot springs in the world


Some people think hot springs are primarily a winter activity, reserved for snowy nights under the stars after a long day of skiing. These people are more wrong than the horror movie character who suggests the best thing to do is “split up to cover more ground” before offering “I’ll take the basement.” Because hot springs are the perfect trip all year long. They ease sore muscles after a long hike through the jungle or the desert, provide views that, while beautiful in the snow, are especially insane in the colorful days of summer, and create community on cool summer nights that stretch into the morning — with no one dying of cold when they get out of the water.

Hot springs are this perfect blend of adventure and relaxation, luxury experience and natural ambiance. They are, in short, the perfect summer trip. Whether you road trip to one nearby or include it as your favorite part of a trip abroad, these 25 hot springs around the world will wow you in just about every way. And while they’re worth going to in any season, they are completely essential for your plans in summer ’18.

Ma’In Hot Springs (Jordan)

There are plenty of beautiful hot springs in the world, but Ma’In brings beautiful to a whole new level. Stunning, incredible, awe-inspiring? I don’t even think the right word exists. We need a new word specifically to explain how mind-blowing this desert oasis is with its serene hot pool and giant waterfall cascading off of an epic cliff.

Awe-credi-stun-iful? Yes, it’s Awecredistuniful.

The dead sea location has a rich history — rumored to be a place where King Herod used to bathe — and its mineral blend of hydrogen, potassium, magnesium, and calcium leaves you rejuvenated, healed, and probably gives you Jesus-like powers. You leave, and you can’t stop multiplying fish for some reason.

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