The Hotels, Hostels, And Resorts You Should Visit Next

04.16.18 9 months ago 7 Comments


Travel and “deals” have always been inextricably linked. Since vacations are a luxury, the cash spent on them has to fit your life. Whether you’re scouring for plane tickets or booking last minute hotels, never before have we had so many tools for deal scoring. That’s a good thing, obviously, since price range will often dictate your choices. But, even more than cost, what defines a “good deal” is value. It’s a question of “does the price feel worth it?”

Would you stay someplace that charged $500 a night if it was a $10,000/night value? It’d be tough not to max out credit cards on that one, right?

So it goes with the lodges, hotels, and hostels on this list. Some are more than $1,000/ night. Others are less than $100. But each of them is a savvy value pick — chosen by some of the best travel writers in the country. These are properties for which price feels secondary to how much quality you get for your money.

The experience makes the dollars and cents feel worth it. And, really, isn’t that what we all want when we’re traveling?