Ready To Up Your Cooking Game? It’s Time You Learned How To Roast A Chicken

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Learning how to roast a chicken is tricky business. It’s one of those recipes that’s very straightforward yet requires attention to detail to execute properly. There’s very little to prep, but forgetting to preheat an oven or bring the chicken up to room temperature can leave your finished product lacking.

The fact is, different tastes and desires are going to dictate how you want your chicken to taste. Personally, I like super moist white meat with a skin that’s been crisped and then soaked in the cooking fat and juices from the bird. It’s kind of the best of all worlds, in my humble opinion. Some people will like their skin hard-crisped, and that’s cool — though damn near impossible to do without a professional rotisserie.

The point of this recipe is that it’s executable at home with any ol’ oven. An easy preparation that will help you up your game. You just need a few basic elements here and you’re set. So, let’s dive in and master roasting a chicken.

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