Ditch The Big Venues And Hit Up These Lesser-Known LA Music Hot Spots

03.20.19 5 months ago


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Los Angeles is rarely left off of the tour itineraries of your favorite bands. Winter, spring, summer, or fall, everyone comes to LA. But big acts filing in and out of the city on a near constant basis can take a noticeable toll on your bank account. Living on a diet of concert tickets and overpriced and watered down drinks just isn’t very sustainable.

If you live in the city — or are stopping by for a visit — you should at least consider ditching the big concert venues to show love to the local music scene. On a surface level, it’ll seem like you’re giving up a lot. Gone are the professional high-production light shows. The sound is noticeably unmixed. Sometimes you won’t even be able to enter one of these venues without *gasp* cash on hand. But there’s nothing quite like the visceral connection between artist and performer that you’ll find in the small DIY space. It’s intimate and direct and meaningful. A journey based on a relationship between performers and audience, rooted in participation and community.

Admittedly, not every gig in the DIY music space will be special. Some will be downright bad. But everybody finds that act, the one that they latch on to and watch closely for that inevitable moment of unexplainable magic where an artist surprises you and themselves. Everyone should experience it at least once. Especially in a city like LA, where dreams are currency and “eight people can turn to sold-out shows in a minute.” Here’s how you can get started.

Ham & Eggs Tavern

Ham & Eggs is a favorite amongst locals and visitors to LA alike. This small tavern has regular music performances (three shows during the work week) and has become one of the most popular spots to watch up and coming bands in the LA music scene.

We highly recommend checking out the shows curated by Late Breakfast, which is a monthly concert series that occurs every second Sunday of the month and focuses exclusively on cutting edge experimental music. The best place to catch artists mangling beats and setting a vibe with experimental ambient music.

Average Price: Free.

Nearby Eats: Check out Chica’s Tacos just a short walk away from Ham & Eggs for delicious and authentic organic Mexican food. More legit than Chipotle and it actually tastes good.

Find it at: 433 W 8th St, Los Angeles, CA 90014

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