We Asked Bartenders To Pair Halloween Candy With Liquor

10.27.18 10 months ago


It’s just a few days until Halloween. You still have ample time to stock up on a few giant bags of full-size candy bars…and a few treats for your potential trick-or-treaters too. But eating handfuls of Kit-Kats, Milky Ways, and Snickers can give you an upset stomach if you don’t wash it down with the right drink. We vote booze. (We always vote booze.)

The key to marrying your favorite spirit with candy is to find good flavor matches. You wouldn’t want to sip on a vodka martini and eat a peanut butter cup or pair a wee dram of Bailey’s with sour gummy worms. So how can you figure out how to make the correct, delicious match? We asked our favorite bartenders to tell us their favorite Halloween candy and spirit pairings. Check out their answers below (spoiler: bartenders like Snickers and Reese’s).

Ron Barcelo Imperial Onyx + Kit Kat

Danwel Olivo, bartender at Conrad Fort Lauderdale Beach

“Aged in American white oak barrels at a high temperature, Ron Barcelo Imperial Onyx offers a robust body with touches of coffee, dried fruits, cherry, wood and vanilla. The rum’s caramel aroma and slightly sweet character is perfectly complemented by a Kit Kat for a masterful blend.”

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