The Essential Tiki Drinks You Need To Try Before The Summer Ends

Call it a resurgence. Call it a reinvigoration. Call it the perfect escape. But whatever you do, don’t call it a trend. Tiki is here to stay, and here at Uproxx, we love a good tiki cocktail. That perfect marriage of rum, lime, sugar — with a little dash of pop-Polynesian magic — has popped up in more than a few of our stories, and for good reason: Tiki cocktails are a getaway in a glass. They’re a trip to the tropical island of our dreams — the one so perfect, so ideal, that it only exists in our imagination, and in the play of rums, spices, exotic fruits and liqueurs across our palates. Who doesn’t need an escape every once in awhile?

Before the summer’s through, these are the five tiki drinks you need to check out. New to tiki entirely? Grab your shaker. An old hand at the bar? Meet new spins on treasured classics. Don your Shriner’s-era fez, crush your ice, and harvest your mint. It’s time to say mahalo to your new favorite cocktails!