We Asked Bartenders For The One Bottle Of Whiskey To Start A Collection With

For most of us, money (or rather a lack thereof) stops us from enjoying some of the finer things in life. If money was literally no object, we’d indulge in bespoke clothes, globe-trotting trips, and of course expensive, long-matured whiskeys. We’d probably spring for that bottle of 35-year-old Glenlivet or limited-edition small-batch bourbon du jour. But, sadly, most of us don’t have the cash required to purchase a very old, hard to find whiskeys.

That doesn’t mean you have no shot at starting a collection. Lack of a trust fund doesn’t stop Nick Jackson, head bartender at The Rum House in New York City, from collecting whiskies.

“I have dabbled in collecting single malt scotches and there are some amazing value buys out there,” he says. “Just look for any of the limited offerings from the big names. I’m partial to any of the Ardbeg releases. They recently had one aged in rum barrels — Ardbeg Drum — that was great.”

You have to start somewhere. What about that money you’ve been saving for a “rainy day”? Isn’t it better to save whiskey for that rainy day anyway?

Don’t know where to start? We asked some of our favorite bartenders to tell us the one whiskey they’d purchase to start their collections if they were beginning from scratch.