Bartenders Tell Us The Best Whiskeys To Sip By A Summer Campfire

05.10.19 3 months ago

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You’ve probably read articles (even some by us) telling you to put away your whiskey now that the weather is a slightly damp spring as opposed to a harsh winter. That’s because the minute we put away our cozy sweaters (and take out shorts and tees), we start thinking about the lighter spirits. Rooftop pool parties with cocktails featuring vodka, tequila, rum, and gin are right on the horizon.

But there’s still a place in spring and summer for aged spirits. Imagine sitting around a fire on a starry night, a s’more in one hand and a mug of whiskey in the other — the whiskey is vital in that scenario. There’s a reason May 18th is World Whisky Day. They wouldn’t put a whisk(e)y-based holiday during a time when you shouldn’t enjoy the spirit, right? It would be like celebrating Hot Toddy Day in July or Ice Cream Day in January. Whiskey can still be very much a summer drink. You just have to know the right ones to pick for the perfect evening of sipping

That’s why we asked some of our favorite bartenders to tell us their favorite whiskeys to sip and mix with during the spring and summer months.

Springbank 12 Year Cask Strength


Andrew Erickson, bartender at L27 in Nashville

“In spring you will often find me sitting on my front porch with a glass of whiskey poured neat and a dark cigar. This means that I need a whiskey that can hold up to the bold pepper and leather notes. I often pour myself a glass of Springbank 12 Year Cask Strength. It just needs a couple drops of water to help the whisky bloom and help me taste the oil soluble compounds with a burst of dark chocolate and peat.”

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