A Black-Owned Guide To Self Improvement And Empowerment

We all could use a reset in the New Year. Even if going on a green juice bender isn’t your thing, most of us could use a little more self-care time to stave off the post-holiday gloom. And whether you’re goal setting, doing a Dry January, vowing to finally learn how to roller skate, or just trying to set foot in a cross-fit gym without violently nervous-crying, Black creatives have your back.

When embarking on a self-improvement mission, it can be difficult to know where to start. So we’re making it a little easier on you. Supporting Black-owned businesses to achieve your New Year’s goals will not only keep you feeling ready to take on the New Year in style, but it will also strengthen our collective commitment to spend each year trying to uplift one another, amplify the voices of our lesser represented neighbors, and dare to reach beyond the familiar.

SWORKIT: A Personal Trainer App

Black Owned Guide

What They Say:

The best personal trainer app to help you get (and stay) in the best shape of your life. Sworkit can help. We’re one of the top fitness apps for iPhone, Android, or web users. Our workout plans are designed to help you reach your fitness goals faster and simpler.

What We Say:

Real-life personal trainers can be pricey and time-consuming. Sworkit is awesome because you can work out on your time, be guided by a fitness professional and keep track of your progress on your phone. You can customize your workout as well, no gym required!

Download SWORKIT here.

Body Complete Rx: Plant-Based Supplements

Black Owned Guide
Body Complete Rx

What They Say:

From our health to beauty supplements, Body Complete RX offers a complete range of plant-based products specifically designed to meet your individual wellness needs so you can discover what it is like to look and feel your best and truly start living!

What We Say:

Body Complete Rx is Black-owned and female-owned. It’s a company born out of necessity after the founder couldn’t find quality plant-based supplements on the market, so she teamed up with a doctor to formulate her own. They take the guesswork out of choosing your own supplements by providing kits that are tailored to your wellness goals.

My personal favorite is the ‘Glow Kit’.

Find Body Complex RX here.

I+I Bontanicals: CBD infused Vegan Bodycare

Black Owned Guide
I + I

What They Say:

I+I Botanicals expertly crafts formulations that are Good for the Body, Good for the Earth, and Good for the Soul. We pair American-grown, lab-tested CBD with clean, responsibly sourced ingredients to create a lineup of products that is suitable for all skin types and addresses some of our biggest skincare issues.

What We Say:

I was slow to jump on the ‘everything must include CBD or I’m not using it’ trend, but this is the brand that got me hooked. You can really feel the difference in their bath tea blends (imagine feeling like a little teaspoon in a giant porcelain mug of lavender tea! It’s the best). One of the best things about this brand is that they link all of their products to their lab results, so you can check out just how much CBD is actually in each product.

We love a science-backed product.

Learn more about I and I here.

Black Keto Girl: Ketogenic Diet Support

Black Owned Guide
Black Keto Girl

What They Say:

Black Keto Girl is passionate about living a ketogenic lifestyle and finds inspiration through people like you, who are eager to make changes. With the support, passion, and knowledge provided by Kendra, coupled with your drive, commitment, and willingness to change, success is inevitable.

What We Say:

Everyone has tried out the Keto diet at some point and honestly it’s incredibly difficult without a support system. Kendra offers in-person coaching sessions, couples coaching, boot camps, 3-day meal plans, and even has an e-book. Think of her as your personal keto pal, encouraging you through your journey and helping you forget that burritos exist.

Learn more about Black Keto Girl here.

The Whole Experience: Wellness Retreats + Health Coaching

Black Owned Guide
The Whole Experience

What They Say:

With our combined 20 years of experience, we are excited to bring to you holistic offerings that will assist you in your journey. From online coaching & wellness programs to transformative retreats and so much more, we are here to support you in every aspect of your wellness.

What We Say:

Sometimes, to reset your health journey you have to just pack your bags and flee the country. The Whole Experience offers health retreats in Kenya, South Africa, Italy, Thailand, and Greece where you can kickbox and pet an elephant on the same day. But the best part of their retreats is the support you receive, you’re surrounded by like-minded people in a calming, empowering, wellness setting. I

magine it as a vacation where you don’t have to plan any details, you just get to relax, experience, and sink in.

Learn more about the Whole Experience here.

Mocktail Club: Non-Alcoholic Spirits

Black Owned Guide
Mocktail Club

What They Say:

We use clean ingredients that include superfoods, such as pomegranates, cranberries, and blackberries. We also add caffeine-free tea infused with spices, such as cardamom to create tannins and complexities with each sip. Mocktail Club is perfect for the sober curious and mindful drinkers looking to drink less.

What We Say:

Whether you’re participating in Dry January, making a resolution to drink less, or are simply “sober curious” Mocktail Club provides an amazing alternative to drinking Shirley Temples and club soda. They aren’t just an empty-calorie alcoholic drink replacement –they actually do good things for your body, with ingredients full of prebiotics and antioxidants.

Sign up for the Mocktail Club here.

Ash Cash Exantus: Personal Financial Advisor

What They Say:

Ash Cash Exantus is one of the nation’s top financial educators. Dubbed as the Financial Motivator, he uses a culturally responsive approach in teaching financial literacy, Wealth building, & Entrepreneurship. He is also CEO of MindRight Money Management, a financial education company that blends psychology, music, and personal finance.

What We Say:

Getting your finances in order can feel daunting. And most financial advisors have kind of a stuffy feel and will never understand why you had to drop so much money on vinyl after DMX died (RIP). Ash is different, he combines music, psychology, and just a general understanding of the everyday person to help you achieve your financial goals.

Learn more about Ash Cash here.

Take A Masterclass From A Black Creative*

Black Owned

*The founders of MasterClass aren’t Black but Black creatives are offered a profit share. There are also Black creatives hosting their own classes on Zoom, IG, TikTok, and beyond!

Learn from the best! From Herbie Hancock to Alicia Keys, Ron Finley to Neil Degrasse Tyson, Amanda Gorman to Cornell West– You can learn to write songs, garden, philosophize, tell stories, compose music, write poetry, or chef it up like one of the greats.

Learning a new skill has been on most of our to-do lists since the beginning of the pandemic, but there’s no better time to seize the opportunity than the beginning of the New Year. Turn your alone time into hone time, and make learning a new skill a priority. The best part of Master Class is that you can be terrible in the privacy of your own home.

Check out Masterclass here.