Brawny’s Putting A Woman On Their Packaging For Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month and Brawny, the noted paper towel giant, has leaned and is honoring women by launching a campaign called #StrengthHasNoGender. The company has partnered with Walmart and will be switching out their iconic burly lumberjack and putting a woman in the red flannel nationwide.

Brawny launched the campaign with hashtags for social media and a YouTube blitz. They’re “celebrating strong women who inspire us all.” Brawny is also using this platform to raise awareness and financially support women in STEM fields. They’ve partnered with Girls Inc. and donated $75,000 to help school-aged girls pursue STEM-related education. In support of this initiative, they’ve created an ad featuring iconic women from history breaking through glass barriers as well as individual ads featuring women at the top of their respective fields in the STEM world.

Brawny has garnered tons of traction online with folks on Twitter and Instagram throwing their support behind the new logo.

Naturally, there’s been some confused backlash. Several groups were already trying to run a #BoycottBrawny campaign because Brawny’s parent company is owned by the Koch brothers. And, of course, a bunch of alt-right snowflakes are attacking the campaign due to some perceived slight. You can check all that out or you could spend your time more constructively by visiting the Girls Inc. page to check out the good work the org does and maybe making a donation that’ll help kids get a better education.

(Via Brawny)