Like To Relax With Your Fast Food? Visit The New Burger King Spa

In the United States, the craziest ideas that have come from Burger King recently were the introduction of hot dogs and a sandwich that needs to go to anger management classes, but the folks in Helsinki, Finland, are certainly taking the American fast food icon to the next level. Do you like getting foot rubs and back massages by strange people while only in a towel? Have you asked yourself, “You know what would make this experience better? Eating a flame broiled Whopper with no onions.” Well, now you can live out your burger-eating-dreams in the comfort of a state of the art spa facility in Finland.

This speciality Burger King spa and sauna is equipped with showers, a laundry room, dressing room, a 15-person sauna with a 48-inch TV, and a media lounge with a 55-inch television, premium sound system, and a bar stocked with soft drinks and booze, not to mention, comfy robes branded with the Burger King logo to wrap yourself in. Unfortunately, robes and towels with the Burger King Kids Club characters are not available, and let’s hope that creepy king isn’t the one giving you a massage.

If you want the Burger King Spa experience for yourself, you can easily book it online at Burger King Finland. 3 hours of spa time and burger eating costs almost $300 USD, but if you book on the weekends, that fee includes entry into nearby nightclubs.

(Via MentalFloss)