Burger King Trolls McDonald’s Yet Again And People On Twitter Feel All Sorts Of Ways About It

It’s time to admit that the biggest fast food troll is no longer Wendy’s, the crown shall now sit on the head of Burger King. The burger chain has once again expertly trolled its long-running rival McDonald’s, specifically the iconic Happy Meal, with the introduction of their newest product, the Real Meal. According to Burger King’s press release, the Real Meal celebrates “Being yourself and feeling however you want to feel” and comes in five different mindsets. Choose between the Pissed Meal, Blue Meal, Salty Meal, YAAAS Meal, and the DGAF Meal.

“Not everybody wakes up happy,” begins Burger King’s new ad promoting the Real Meal. Playing off of the “I’m not sure who needed to hear this today” meme, Burger King challenges their customers to #FeelYourWay and choose the meal that best corresponds to how you feel that day. The Real Meal itself consists of a full-sized Whopper, Fries, and a shake, so unless you WANT a Whopper, Burger King doesn’t give a sh*t how you feel.

The Real Deal isn’t all goofs though, the promotion was actually done in collaboration with Mental Health America to raise awareness for Mental Health Month, which occurs in the month of May. The people on Twitter, as is often the case, felt all sorts of ways about the new Real Meal, way more than they should for a fast food combo, a responded with everything from words of support to downright anger and outrage.

As of now, the Real Meal is only available in Seattle, New York City, Los Angeles, Austin, and Miami. Go get one and “Feel Your Way” unless you want something other than a Whopper, then you’re out of luck no matter how you feel.