Compass Box Artist Blend Scotch Delivers A Pairing Of Great Flavor And High Value

Compass Box might be one of the most important blending houses working in Scotch whisky today. The whisky makers pull some of the best barrels of single malts and single grains from Scotland to create unique blends of Scotch whisky that are raking in the awards and standing the test of time.

This spring, Compass Box dropped their latest version of their beloved Glasgow Blend and Artist Blend. Today, we’re talking about the latter. Artist Blend was created from 100-year-old blending recipes and aims to highlight the beauty of sweet Scotch whiskies.

Let’s get into what’s in the bottle!

Compass Box Artist Blend Scotch Whisky

Compass Box

ABV: 43%

Average Price: $40

The Whiskey:

The lion’s share of this blend — 45 percent — comes from a single grain whisky aged in ex-bourbon from Cameronbridge Distillery. 22 percent is a single malt aged in ex-bourbon that comes from Linkwood Distillery. The rest is a mix of French oak and ex-bourbon single malts and blended malts from the Highlands, Clyneilish, Linkwood, and Balmenach. Those whiskies are vatted and then proofed down before bottling.

Tasting Notes:

This opens with a very clear and concise note of apple candy with a hint of salted caramel ice cream cut with a touch of eggnog spices. There’s a nice maltiness that leans into a creamy vanilla, soft holiday spice mix, butter toffee, and a hint of milk chocolate near the end. The finish is warming with a whisper of tobacco next to woody apple, spice candies (maybe ginger), and a final hint of cocoa and caramel.

The Bottle:

This is a robust bottle with a newly designed label. The shape is reminiscent of an old port bottle, albeit a clear one. That new label highlights the logo without too much information littering up the actual label, making this a lot more concise than the previous version.

Bottom Line:

This is a very soft and refined blended scotch. It’s also a nice bridge between the world of bourbon and blended scotch with all those apple, caramel, vanilla, and spicy notes.


92/100 — This is a really subtle and drinkable blended scotch. It’s miles ahead of a large swath of blends at the same price point, making this a new go-to for sipping on the rocks, in highballs, and for cocktails.

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