Copper Mountain Is The Spring Ski Spot That Makes Adventure Feel Easy

Copper Mountain

“Do you know where the sushi restaurant is?” Taylor, the PR manager at Colorado’s Copper Mountain Resort, asks, handing me a coffee. “To go ice skating you just go to the sushi restaurant and then… ”

She trails off when she sees my smirk. “What?

“Oh,” I say, still grinning, “I know where the ice skating place is already. It’s a frozen lake. I’ve walked by it like 12 times. But I love that everyone here always gives directions to everything.”

Taylor laughs. “I’ve noticed that too. Maybe we do it because we all came from other cities where you actually did need help finding things.”

I’ve only been at Copper Mountain for half a day, but I’ve already been given directions to places I can easily find without any aid at least five times. This probably happens in part because the people who work on the property are exceedingly friendly (they have good reason to be, every employee I meet seems to find time to ski during any given workday), and because travel writers are — as a whole — a pretty hopeless bunch (never have you met so many people with the word “travel” in their job titles who are unable to read a map). Still, it’s funny to be given such detailed directions to places that are all within a few hundred feet of each other. After enough people do it — “Do you know where the sports bar is?” “Can you find the whiskey lounge?” — it starts to seem like an elaborate prank.

Especially, considering that you can see at least 80% of Copper Mountain’s Center Village from any given condo window.

“Well then,” Taylor says, invoking the most popular phrase on the mountain, “you ready to get a few turns in?”