Did These Craft Beers Take It Too Far In 2016?

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12.28.16 31 Comments

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Craft beer is a wonderland of sudsy goodness that can take you places (flavor-wise) you never knew beer could go. A great brewer’s ability to turn water, grains, hops, and yeast into white ales or IPAs or stouts or Czech Pils is a science so cool that it’s akin to magic.

During this alchemical process, adjunct flavorings are added — delivering new layers of complexity. Belgian witbier, for instance, uses coriander, while winter beers will have star anise and/or cinnamon thrown in (amongst other spices). Often this is a simple ingredient that accentuates the notes already being struck. It serves as a highlight, not intended to overpower the flavors that are already there.

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