This $900 Double Bed For Kids Is More Impressive Than An Entire Apartment

Man, you might think the first time you see the Parisot Space Up Double Storage Bed, what a tall bed, and with such an unwieldy title. Then, you might wonder if a too-tall bad really is worth the $900 you’d have to shell out for it. The answer? Yes. Absolutely. Buy it now and turn your life into the magical paradise that you’ve always dreamed it could be if you just had a bed that doubled as a closet (and also a convenient place to hide the bodies).

Tech Insider reports that the bed (without mattress) finally lets you live in the room you’ve always wanted — no clothes on chairs or empty take-out containers on the floor, just everything hidden inside the island of your bed, which only you can open.

ch-ch-check it out:

So much room for activities!

Here’s what you get and how it works:

Sold under the British brand Kids Avenue, the double bed retails for roughly $858. That includes the raised frame, integrated exterior shelving (which doubles as a step up), and the interior storage underneath.

When you want to get inside, simply open the door and push up on the mattress; an assistive lift mechanism bears most of the weight.

Think about this: people will always look under your bed to see if it’s a mess (or at least kick under a little just to check), but who’s going to rudely push up a mattress and open a door to get at your secrets? And, if you’re the clever type, you could probably turn the entire thing into a mini-office with a few minor adjustments.

You want specs? Here they are:

Internal storage solutions comprise of 2 drawers, 6 open storage compartments and 2 large shelves with easy access from the foot or side of the bed. The 2 wide drawers are found on the right hand side of the Space Up bed, below are open storage compartments and above a full length 44cm deep shelf. To the left hand side you will find 3 large open storage compartments with a full length 2 meter long by 29cm deep shelf above.

Even if you’re not buying the bed, though, you’ve got to admit: It’s pretty damn cool.