This Adventurer Photographer’s Pictures Will Motivate You To Get Outside

12.04.17 3 months ago

Errin Casano

Some people feel most comfortable bundled under a mass of blankets with their fingers tippity tapping across the keys of a laptop while coffee cools on their nightstand. They have no need to venture out into the world, no drive for more than what they can find in their apartments. But, others obey the siren call of wanderlust and go crazy trapped perpetually in the confines of their living spaces. Errin Casano (@ErrinCasa) falls firmly into the second camp, spending as much time as she can exploring the outdoors and memorializing it in stunning images.

Until recently, Casano was working on a marketing management diploma, which meant she had to consolidate a lot of her need to adventure into mini vacations and summer treks. Casano backpacked through South America on consecutive summers, exploring Colombia and Ecuador, and spent the last one on a road trip from Vancouver to Alaska. Recently, she has leaned more fully into forming a team and documenting their exploits in the wild. Her natural savvy and marketing background have allowed her to grow her community rapidly.

In between working with major brands and tromping through Canadian forests, she spoke with us about her life as an talented force on Instagram, her recent trips, and her advice for people looking to the follow in her footsteps. And, she sent us a bunch of really amazing photographs that are sure to make you consider Canada as a last minute holiday destination.

Errin Casano

What title would you give yourself? I was trying to figure it out and you do so much that it was hard.

In a nutshell, probably a content creator.

Lately, in interviews, I have been confronting a lot of bias against women in the travel sphere. Do you get pushback for being a young, pretty lady?

You have to hit roadblocks all the time, but I haven’t found too many problems. I think sometimes when you’re a man and you’re in the wilderness, people trust you more and your skill set and stuff like that. The same goes for the photography world.

I would like to call myself more of a photographer, not someone who models all the time or wants to be in pictures all the time. I do like to post. Maybe a quarter of my content on my Instagram is photos that have been taken of me because I like to show who I am, but in no way would I say that I’m a model or I’d rather go stand for a camera. I really like to respect myself as a photographer. And sometimes that can go unseen.

A lot of girls on Instagram are more of the influencer side where they post ads of themselves holding cans of pop or whatever, and that’s really not what I wanna do. I want to inspire others and create. That’s the most important thing for me.