Meet The Visionary Director Who’s Making Food Porn Fun Again

Life Writer

There’s a sweet spot at the crossroads of food and pop culture. A nexus where bold ideas are king and creativity rules. Put creative taste and actual taste together and good things happen. This is what David Ma and his team of young and ambitious filmmakers thought when they tackled the crossroads where flavor meets film. The results are a vastly entertaining take on modern food porn.

Ma spent years working in food through styling and branding before he stepped out to become a commercial director. A focus and love of food remained through his career changes. Like us, Ma spends a lot of time looking at food online — absorbing what’s fresh and what’s stale. This love of food presentation led Ma to a sizzling hot idea, “What if famous movie directors made food videos?”

Ma assembled a team of like-minded filmmakers and a month later they had four shorts posted up on YouTube — a testament to ingenuity, ambition, and risk. We sat down with the visionary creative to talk about food, films, and how the two mediums collide. It’s a story about bold risks. It’s a story about setting your own path. In the end, it’s a story about a family (of hungry filmmakers) following their dreams.

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