General Mills Gets Perfectly Petty With ‘Lucky Charms Frosted Flakes’

Cereal-lovers, the day has arrived when your most sugary, delectable dreams have come true. General Mills, the cereal gawd, just introduced Frosted Flakes Lucky Charms, and we have already started our insulin regimens in preparation. 2017 saw some pretty petty rivalries in the food game, and this sweet concoction looks like General Mills has joined in on the fun.

We’ll explain:

Earlier in 2017, Kellogg’s debuted a limited Frosted Flakes with marshmallows, and snack reviewers were like “Nah,” saying the marshmallows were too sweet and the marshmallows weren’t shaped like anything very appetizing (one reviewer saying they looked like “coughed-up hairballs of Tony the Tiger’s chest fur”…yikes). General Mills must have seen an opportunity to show its proficiency for marbits (the dried marshmallows in kiddie cereal) because now they have introduced their own version of the cereal mashup which, if they taste anything like Lucky Charms’ marshmallows, should be delicious.

Kellogg’s probably did not sign off on the mashup, but because the term “frosted flakes” is not trademarked, General Mills can use it all over its own boxes with no consequences. Tony the Tiger is not present on the boxes, of course, but the colors and word designs on the boxes are similar enough for consumers to recall the traditional version of the cereal. Boxes of the breakfast blend have been spotted at Shop Rite and on Instacart, so far, but it’s not clear how long the boxes will be available or the extent of the rollout.

Cardi B jokingly took credit for the new concotion in a recent Instagram post, saying Kellogg’s took the inspiration for the “bereal” from her.

We love you Cardi, but that’s a stretch. The only 2% you might get is in a milk carton.