A Guide For Traveling To ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season Seven Filming Locations

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It’s hard to deny the power that Game of Thrones has on our culture. The juggernaut series for HBO has permeated into our lives in almost every way. We cook Westeros food. We drink Dothraki cocktails. And we travel to far-flung corners of Europe just to walk the mythical lands where Westeros and Essos come to life. That’s a pretty damn powerful reach for a TV show. And we love it, because any excuse to try new food and travel to new places is a win in all the columns.

Game of Thrones launched its seventh season last night and the internet is full of spoilers for this season’s filming locations. We decided to compile some of the coolest locations we could source to give you the opportunity to plan a grand summer 2017 vacation around the world’s favorite TV show.

Spain, Northern Ireland, Iceland, and Croatia are all backdrops this year for Westeros. They’re also very accessible countries for the casual tourist.

The important thing to remember is for you to travel the way that suits you. You can easily grab a discount airfare, sling a rucksack full of chucks and jeans over your shoulder, and wing it around Europe like a shoestring vagabond. You can also drop a little cash and go first class the whole way. Or, you can do a little shopping and find yourself a set tour that covers your transport, accommodation, and meals so you can just chill and enjoy the scenery around you. Companies like Friendly Planet Travel are actually offering decent discounts (promo code: GOT2017) on trips to places like Croatia, Spain, Ireland, and Iceland that highlight Game of Thrones locations specifically. They do all the hard work for you. Find your sweet spot and dive in!

If you’re up for a little Game of Thrones inspired adventure around Europe this summer, here are the locales that’ll be popping up in season seven to whet your wanderlust appetite.

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