How Photographer Gianluca Fellini Fuses Spirituality And Art

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Gianluca Fellini

It’s possible Gianluca Fellini (@gianlucafellini) was made in a lab to make art and foster jealousy in the hearts of every person who encounters his bio. Born in Rimini, Italy in 1981, he grew up with a hobby photographer father, but didn’t connect with the camera until a surfing trip to California in 2004. So strong was the pull of the arts that he tossed aside his career as a professional basketball player and his law studies in Italy and moved to New York.

Now, Fellini works on international editorials and campaigns, as well as his own personal art and video projects. He’s also developed a passionate yoga and meditation practice that keeps him balanced and grounded when the world confronts him with difficulty. So, basically, he’s a super handsome Italian yoga practitioner who abandoned a pro sports career and a legal education to become one of the premiere contemporary photographers working today. Oh, and also he’s related to Federico Fellini.

On a break from work abroad, the photographer spoke with us about the trajectory of his career, his spirituality, and building a home base. Sadly, he didn’t provide the name of the lab where he was formed, so you can’t make a “home version” to help you with selfies and sun salutations. You just have to read the interview and find your own inspiration.

Gianluca Fellini

Where are you right now?

I am in Bali.

Working, vacationing?

Yeah, no, no, no working. I never just vacation. It’s the concept of my business, unifying my traveling passion and my personal research passion into my work. So, I’m here. At the same time, I’m doing a lot of creative stuff but also, self-willing, therapy.

Where are you from originally?

I’m from Italy, a small town called Rimini, south of Venice. The outside of Venice. I don’t know if you know the Italian director.

We were curious whether or not you were related.

On a far distance, yes, but not like first grade related, but yes.