The Girl Scouts Are Adding A New Delicious-Sounding Gluten Free Cookie And Everyone’s Hyped

Girl Scouts of the USA/Uproxx

Girl Scout Cookie season is fast approaching and we’re all ready to see our faves return under whichever name you got to know them by. The Girl Scouts of the USA are a living example that consistency is key (except with that whole “different names in different regions” thing), bringing back old classics like Samoas, Tagalong, Do-Si-Dos, and Thin Mints every year in some form or another.

It’s gotten to the point where most people have their orders already set in their minds before ever seeing an order form or being solicited by one of those sweet girls in the adorable brown uniforms. But hold on to your butts, cookie connoisseurs, there’s a new cookie in town. Today, the Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) announced a new flavor — Caramel Chocolate Chip — with the added bonus that it is completely gluten-free. The cookie will see a limited release in select areas and will join the ranks of the gluten-free Toffee-tastic cookie (also available in select areas) as one that even our gluten intolerant friends can gorge on for hours while watching TV. The chewy new cookie will feature caramel, semi-sweet chocolate chips, and a hint of sea salt.

Not only do we love the GSUSA for the delicious baked goods, they’re actually teaching our girls how to be entrepreneurs, how to present themselves professionally, and how to learn the confidence and perseverance that will set them up for any career they choose. We’ve even gotten to glimpse some of that ingenuity early from Scouts who set up shop outside of weed dispensaries.

Girl Scouts of the USA