Guy Fieri Set Up A Mobile Kitchen To Feed California Wildfire Survivors

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The California wildfires are already a nightmare with a rapidly rising death toll, and there’s little relief in sight. Among the problems is feeding people, some of whom have lost almost everything in the blaze. Fortunately, one Santa Rosa resident is stepping up.

Guy Fieri, who we love even as we tease, has apparently just shown up in the parking lot of the Veterans Memorial Building in Santa Rosa, set up a mobile kitchen, and started dishing out meals, according to KQED. It’s estimated Fieri and his team have fed 1,200 people so far, and they estimate they’ll serve 2,500 meals by the end of the day. A camera crew is also present, but their job is reportedly to film the damage and help give viewers who don’t live in the area a sense of the devastation.

Fieri is also serving as a focal point, drawing other chefs and food workers in the area to help with the kitchen. Though he’s everyone’s favorite person to burn, Fieri is famously charitably minded, and his town needs all the help it can get. The main question is how long his kitchen will have to remain open; it appears the fires will continue at least through the weekend. If you’d like to donate, Fieri has set up a donation page.

(via Eater)