You Can Finally Learn How To Make Homer’s ‘Moon Waffles’ From The Simpsons

YouTube sensation Binging with Babish (aka Andrew Rea) is back. We’ve seen his Mulan Szechuan sauce from Rick and Morty and the various ridiculous foods of South Park and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Now the home chef is tackling one of the most famous and mysterious television treats ever conceived: Homer’s “patented out-of-this-world space-age waffles” from the Simpsons.

The famous episode begins on a snowy, frigid Sunday morning. Homer decides that he can’t possibly go to church. Instead, he bids the family adieu and goes back upstairs to return to the warm cocoon that is his bed. When he finally wakes up, he realizes that he still has the house to himself. He does a variety of things he wouldn’t normally get away with. He turns the heat up to an unreasonable level, dances around in his tighty whities, finds a penny under the couch, and makes the aforementioned waffles. This episode aired in 1992 and for some reason, nobody had attempted to recreate this artery-clogging breakfast dish until now.

You can check out Babish’s shot at this very strange meal below:

Staying true to the original recipe, Rea melted caramel in a waffle maker before adding waffle batter and liquid smoke and then did his best to wrap the whole monstrosity around a butter stick before attempting to eat it. It’s not surprising that the whole thing turned into a burnt, greasy, gooey mess. Rea didn’t enjoy it, but that’s probably the point. Like in many of his videos (when things don’t turn out as expected), he started over, deciding to create his own (much more palatable) version using waffles, home-made caramel and smoked sea salt.

Who knows why Rea decided the time was right to recreate the iconic treat featured in the season four episode “Homer the Heretic” 25 years after its air date. But, does it even matter? You know you’re in for a challenge when a recipe begins with melting caramel in a waffle iron. But, would you expect anything less from the sweets loving, donut addicted nuclear power plant safety officer?