On Learning The Fitness Secret Of Celebrities And Other Beautiful People

03.30.16 3 years ago 25 Comments

“Try and break me.” Of the many stupid things I’ve said in my life — “I’ll take the mullet cut,” “I want to be an English major,” “I’m just gonna text my ex-girlfriend real quick” — those four words were amongst the stupidest.

I spoke them to a celebrity fitness trainer named Kit Rich, who looked distractingly similar to the ginger wildling Jon Snow hooked up with on Games of Thrones. And just like Jon Snow, I also knew nothing. Because, 20 minutes into my workout with Kit, as my sweat dripped onto the core-shredding, bouncy floor at the Shift by Dana Perri gym, and I repeatedly tried to assure her that I was not on the verge of a stroke, I realized that it was amazingly easy for someone like Kit Rich to break someone like me.

Even when she wasn’t trying to break me. Even when she was just trying to be nice.

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