Jack In The Box Sells An Insane Number Of Tacos, Which Should Be A Mystery To Exactly No One

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01.03.17 7 Comments

Jack in the Box

Everyone is marveling today at a Wall Street Journal article, which reports that Jack in the Box sells 554 million tacos per year. That’s a cool 1055 per minute. Which means that in 2016, Jack in the Box almost certainly sold more tacos last year than McDonald’s sold Big Macs — considering that 554M is close to what McD’s reported for Big Macs in 2007 (the last year they’ll admit to tracking the data), and Big Macs are widely known to be on the decline.

The taco article is fascinating in it’s framing and its choice to interview devotees of the taco, whose primary qualification seems to be “liking them.” The revered newspaper seeks, without daring to arrive at any conclusions, to fathom why this “wet envelope of cat food” is so popular.

Wall Street Journal

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