JetBlue Wants To Send You On A Free Trip To Volunteer!

10.18.18 10 months ago

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If you’re looking to scratch the itch to do some good while also in desperate need of a vacation to expand your horizons, you may be the perfect candidate for Jet Blue’s #CheckInForGood campaign. This November, or as the people at JetBlue have dubbed it, ‘JetBlue for Good Month,’ the airline company wants to send you on an all-expenses-paid three day trip to a mystery location to do some community-based volunteer work. Best of all, you can bring a companion — instantly turning this into a do-gooders-get-away.

JetBlue is selecting 50 travelers to volunteer at what they’re calling, “Destination Good,” and while that is super vague, it isn’t without reason. Icema Gibbs, JetBlue’s director of corporate social responsibility explained in a statement, “We chose Destination Good as this year’s location to reinforce that doing good can happen anywhere and anytime — be it in the air, on the ground, or even in your neighborhood.” Travelers will be told Destination Good’s location the morning of their flight.

In 2017, when the #CheckInForGood campaign first launched, travelers got to choose their destination. But this new spontaneous approach reminds us that you’re traveling to help others, and if not… maybe don’t apply?

JetBlue is making sure to double-down on the whole “do good” vibe as travelers will be taking off on November 27th, also known as Giving Tuesday. The flight will be departing out of John F. Kennedy International airport in New York with a November 30th return date. Unfortunately, travelers will have to provide their own transportation to the airport making this trip a lot less free for anyone outside of New York.

If you’re interested, be sure to apply online or stop by one of the pop-up kiosks across New York and Los Angeles between October 16-26th. JetBlue will need you to fill out a survey about your past volunteer experience as well as an explanation on why doing good is very important to you. Winners will be notified of their selection by November 20th. Good luck!

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