A Guide To Keto-Friendly Fast Food For Your Post-Thanksgiving Diet

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The holiday season is notorious for being the season that expands waistlines and adds a whole lot of stress to your life. So you may already be planning a change in your diet for 2019. Or even right after Christmas. But hell, why wait until then. Start Friday and you can feel good about yourself by December 22nd, when you officially start mainlining Christmas cookies.

Among all of 2018’s big buzzworthy diets (a diet getting buzz? what a time to be alive!), you’ve probably heard a fair bit about keto. It’s a disciplined, rules-based way to make your life miserable and potentially lose weight. More specifically, keto is a low-carb/ high-fat regimen aimed at consuming so few carbs and sugars that it puts your body into a ketogenic state — in which your liver begins breaking down your body’s stored fat to provide you with energy. Adherents report a wide swath of benefits, from weight loss to increased mental focus to lower blood pressure and cholesterol counts.

With a diet this strict, a quick fast food pit stop seems like it would be off limits. Fast food’s best quality is its convenience, but that convenience typically comes at the price of carb-rich food. But dig deep enough and you’ll find that there are still a few menu items that can fit into your keto dieting. Literally, just a few. And we’ve outlined them below.

Note: Because everyone’s body and nutritional needs are different, the best way you can figure out what your specific keto-nutrition breakdown should look like is to consult a keto-calculator.

Protein Style Burgers

Whether overhyped or not, In-N-Out’s simple menu makes it perfect for keto customization. But if you live in an In-N-Out-free state, a bunless burger can be served at most fast food joints upon request. Wrapped in lettuce, it’s easy to assume a bunless burger doesn’t match up to its bunned counterpart carb or flavor-wise, but the taste of the meat patty is accentuated when you don’t have a bun distracting you, making for a lower carb iteration that doesn’t feel like you’re cheating yourself out of the joy of eating a burger.

A few things to keep in mind though: Spread and ketchup is not keto friendly, due to their high sugar contents. Opt instead for mustard, assuming you can’t bring yourself to go sauce-less.

Nutritional Breakdown

33g protein, 39g fat, and 11g of net carbohydrates for your standard protein style Double-Double from In-N-Out. Attack those 11g’s of carbs by opting out of the spread, and going light on onions and tomatoes. These numbers will vary amongst different fast food burgers so treat these as a ballpark if you aren’t grabbing a burger from In-N-Out.