Kraft Mac & Cheese Very Quietly Changed Its Recipe For The Better

Notice your Kraft Mac & Cheese tasting different than usual? If so, you’re probably lying, because the mega popular boxed macaroni brand changed its recipe a while back, and nobody remarked on it.

Kraft announced back in April of last year that it would remove artificial preservatives and dyes, without changing the color or flavor. So the unappetizing yellow 5 and yellow 6 are no longer responsible for that aggressive color anymore, or hyperactivity in children.

According to CNN Money, this is also in line with other changes Kraft has made to its other macaroni products, including the attempt to use more whole grains.

Why did Kraft hide this recipe change for so long? It’s probably because customers are apt to revolt if you make any change to a beloved food institution, even if it’s for the better. Just ask Coca Cola, when the brand made the mistake of changing the flavor of Coke, and then marketing it as “New Coke.”

So Kraft made its changes in December, but have just announced them now, with an ad starring the elusive Craig Kilborn. If you haven’t tasted the New Kraft, take comfort in the fact that it still looks the same, per the Instagram above.

And here are some Twitter reactions after the change was announced. Contrary to Kraft’s belief, people definitely noticed:

While some were more honest:

(via CNN Money)