The Lucky Charms Shake Is Real And Probably Worth All The Summertime Hype

No vigilante leprechauns or nosy dieticians can stop us from enjoying the majesty of the Lucky Charms Shake. Only a fast food giant’s limited time offer can.

Burger King has unveiled a cereal-based curiosity that fuses the marshmallow-assisted General Mills breakfast staple with a milkshake. It’s the sort of treat that sounds willed into existence by an 8-year-old cartoon enthusiast and that’s perfectly alright with us. BK bills the menu item as “velvety vanilla-flavored soft serve, Lucky Charms oat cereal with marshmallows, and sweet sauce are hand spun to perfection; to create our twist on one of America’s classic breakfast cereals.” It’s not a permanent offering, so it’s best to indulge in it now before you clear out your fridge and cupboards trying to invent your own Lucky Charms fantasy drink. (Those marshmallows aren’t cheap, dude!)

Here’s a better glimpse of what the drink looks like courtesy of the Instagram spotlight of SoCal Snack Hunters.

Not unlike Starbucks’ Unicorn Frappuccino, it’s a very social media friendly drink. You can show this off online and it looks cute. That’s an option we like to have in drinks these days, so why not take advantage of it? The Lucky Charms Shake isn’t the first of its ilk to be served up at Burger King, mind you. The Froot Loops Shake laid the groundwork when it was introduced (also as a limited time offer) in April. Contrary to what a box of Froot Loops might suggest, the milkshake was not made with bits of toucan.

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The Lucky Charms Shake. Lucky you.

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