Matthew McConaughey’s Directorial Debut Is A Wild Turkey Commercial, Because Of Course It Is

Matthew McConaughey is the creative director of Wild Turkey bourbon. Let’s go over that again. The Academy Award-winning, often-shirtless philosophical stoner from Dazed and Confused, Magic Mike, and True Detective is now in charge of writing and directing commercials for Wild Turkey. What a country.

In a press release announcing this wonderful news, McConaughey said, “I don’t want to be just a face. I have ideas. I’m an idea man.” Apparently his ideas involve sitting at a piano under a chandelier in the middle of a field at night, and upon accepting glasses of bourbon from strange women, uttering a beautifully drawn-out “ahhhhhhhhh.” I think he’s already earned his salary.

The commercial is McConaughey’s directorial debut; he even picked the music from the Hot 8 Brass Band. “So many times people choose their drinks to fit in and join the crowd,” the Dark Tower star said. “Wild Turkey is about something different. The tagline ‘It’ll Find You’ is at the heart of what Wild Turkey is all about. If you are being yourself, unapologetically doing things your own way, then you are at home wherever you are, and Wild Turkey, well, it’ll find you.” And when it does, I hope McConaughey is there, too, fake-playing a piano until the wee hours of the morning.