Power Ranking McDonald’s Top Hamburgers

McDonald’s/ Mickey D’s/ Macca’s is a worldwide institution. Billions have been served. You walk into any McDonald’s anywhere in the world and you know exactly what you’re going to get — almost without fail. That’s impressive by itself. Whether you love or hate McDonald’s, there’s no denying its impact on our collective food zeitgeist.

Perusing the burger menu of an American McDonald’s we noticed that the national standard menu has exactly ten burgers on offer. Seeing that number, we couldn’t help ourselves — we had to rank them. Why? Because there’s something deep down in our lizard brains that draw us all to McDonald’s at one point or another. Call it nostalgia. Call it a salt addiction. Call what you will, but McDonald’s doesn’t sell billions of burgers because we hate them … even if we may hate ourselves for killing a couple double cheeseburgers every now and then.

So, here it is. These are the best McDonald’s burgers you can get nationwide, every single day, ranked from worst to best.


“Meh.” That’s the reaction a McDonald’s Hamburger usually gets. It’s a small patty covered in a smattering of ketchup, mustard, minced onion, and pickle. They tend to be dry and there’s no cheese. No cheese is a killer at McDonald’s. So, sorry, hamburger. You’re last.


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Big Mac be #Slayin 🍔

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Oh, how the mighty hath fallen. The Big Mac used to be the cornerstone of the McDonald’s menu. Today, it’s constantly being retooled and promoted to get the attention of the younger generation with middling results. The Big Mac also suffers from a distinct cardboard feel with the three sesame bun slices. Even the signature burger sauce can’t save this one.