If You Aren’t Enjoying These Mid-Summer Ice Cream Flavors, You’re Missing Out

07.25.16 3 years ago 2 Comments


Seasonal ice cream is fun. Heck, who are we kidding? All ice cream is fun. Because it’s ice cream. Last winter we gave you the roundup of crazy cold-season flavors to test out, and now we’re back with an update — just in time for the dog days (and this summer’s insane weather system). The great news is, you should be able to find most of these sweet treats in your local supermarket freezer section.

Which means you have some tough decisions ahead, friend. Tough…and tasty. Check out our roundup below:

For The Discerning Chocolate-Lover: Choctál Single-Origin Ice Cream


Check this out. You being the chocolate snob you are (we say that with love, obvs.), you no doubt know what single origin chocolate is. For those less enlightened readers though, single-origin chocolate is exactly what it sounds like: chocolate that comes from a single country or region, giving it a distinctive taste (it’s terroir, if you want to get fancy).

Single-origin chocolate ice cream, then, is a dream. A dream that’s been made reality, thanks to Choctál. The award-winning company currently produces eight different origins of ice cream, each of which represents a single variety of indigenous cacao and vanilla (four of the eight are vanilla) from a specific region of the world.

Gourmet ice cream in classic flavors with complex, nuanced flavors? Yes, please. The best part about the ice cream is that, as with single-origin anything, each flavor comes with its own tasting notes.

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